Our Services

Trying to make overseas contacts on your own isn’t easy.  You can spend many frustrated days getting nowhere.  Don’t torture yourself!  Westridge makes the contacts and takes care of all the hard work so you don’t have to!  In fact, we already have established business relationships in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and North America

No Loss of Quality or Disruption

At Westridge Corporation we pride ourselves on providing efficient sourcing services based on integrity and transparency

Westridge delivers everything you would expect from your own in-house sourcing.  You dictate the precise technical and commercial specifications and then let us do the work.   We handle all communications with the supplier and monitor the entire process from sourcing to final delivery with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

As your buying agent, our objective is to make your purchasing process more efficient with the overall aim of lowering your purchasing costs. We get the right product, at the right price, at the right time to you.

We ensure you remain in control by dictating the exact specifications of the products you need before we start and monitoring each stage as we work through the solution. As your agent, you can be assured that unlike other companies, we work entirely on your behalf, not our suppliers. We do not resell goods; instead we search, identify and source suppliers of products according to your needs.

Best of all, our fee is based on performance with no fixed costs. It costs you NOTHING to try our Review and Quotation Services.  We receive no money unless we succeed in fulfilling your requirements—including price thresholds.  Our commission structure is openly displayed and set on your agreement. No commission is paid unless you accept an offer from one of our suppliers.  So, it’s completely risk-free!

Let Westridge Corporation provide you all the benefits and none of the pitfalls of product sourcing. Contact us today for a no obligation discuss about how we can assist you to achieve significant reductions on your product costs and an increase in your profitability.